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A Combination of Old World artistry and New World finesse. We at Euro-Custom, create custom designed windows, doors and archways of the best quality. We service the vision of architects, designers and homeowners. From classical to contemporary, no challenge is too sophisticated or complex. We work closely with our clients at all stages of the process from the development of initial specifications to the installation itself. In our workshop, experienced, European-trained craftsmen painstakingly fashion the final product. And our product must be perfect. We then ensure it is properly installed and again, this is an occasion for the expression of skill and experience.


The most striking element in design is the imaginative use of wood doors and windows to create space and light. In a way, the wood doors and windows of your home are the means by which you see the world and the world sees you. We offer an astonishing array of choice when it comes to materials and designs – from exquisite Palladian windows to finely crafted double oak doors. Our technological experts ensure the highest degree of thermal and acoustic insulation while our dedicated craftsmanship can complement and accentuate any design.


For over 21 years, our expertise extends to the manufacture of wood doors, windows, and archways. The entrances to your home create the first and often the strongest impression. We work with the finest of woods to produce the finest of doors and windows. The key element is choice. Our clientele are people who understand the essence of quality: People who are accustomed to the finer details of life and who appreciate the authenticity and excellence of wood products, one of our most precious resources. That is why we take seriously our commitment to the environment. Wood is a superb natural insulator, when finished properly and maintained. Our wood is obtained by the most responsibly managed forest. Finally, it is green and it is clean. Wood offers no off-gassing of toxic chemicals into the home, or, upon disposal, into the environment.


It is indeed a pleasure to collaborate with you in these spectacular window and door projects.



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