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For over 21 years, Euro-Custom has been your custom wood door and window specialist catering to residential, commercial, and hertiage projects. Here you will find the products to suit your needs for long lasting comfort and beauty.   


Our experience and knowledge has helped grown long lasting relationships with architects, designers, and homeowners who understand and share the same distinction in the essence of quality. You will not find a traditional catalogue featuring our products, as all our products are custom-made to order. We can offer you a variety of species of woods, profiles, and final finishes. At Euro-Custom, we work closely with our clients at all stages of the process from the development of initial specifications to the installation itself. In our workshop, European-trained craftsman painstakingly fashion the final product. And our product must be perfect. We then ensure it is properly installed and again, this is an occasion for the expression of skill and experience.


In our gallery you will find various examples of works we have created to cater the vision of architects, designers, and homeowners. We are proud to have been involved in the creation of many magnificent homes, offices, and churches. It is indeed a special feeling to collaborate in such spectacular projects. At Euro-Custom, we love a good wood challenge. We welcome any kind of projects that require special custom shapes, patterns and finishes. We hope to share in your desires of distinction.  


Please contact us to learn how we can make your vision a reality.  

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